RID-O-RAT Homemade Electronic Pest Control Device

This is my homemade rat zapper that I was forced to make a while back because I had a problem with 2 rats that found their way into our home, chewed up expensive HD cables and electrical wires, as well as plastic water lines causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Normally, I would chose not to kill the rats because I grew up with many Gerbils as pets, but when you have highly destructive rats, which are very smart, you must kill them to put an end the problem. Most people cannot afford to throw hard earned money away repairing extensive damage caused by rats. The device uses the high voltage joule thief circuit(shown in a video that I uploaded to my channel), to charge up 2 high voltage capacitors which I removed from an old CRTV. The power supply is (1) Li-Ion 18650 cylindrical battery which is charged by a simple 300mA circuit. The circuit tapers off charging current as the voltage nears the maximum voltage of 4.18V. Also included is a simple battery voltage indicator. This circuit uses a “lower” voltage(450-500V) at high current, compared to the devices sold in stores which use very high voltage(5,000V+) at a lower current. Both are deadly.

*Link to HV joule thief video (Keep in mind this video was uploaded WAY back when I uploaded only a few videos to Youtube just for the hell of it):

If you cannot make a HV Joule Thief as shown in the video above, DC power supplies are available. Visit the link below. Output up to 450VDC(Cheaper than Ebay). Be warned, the output is deadly, and I do not encourage anyone to duplicate this device. Duplicate the device shown in this video at your own risk. You accept full responsibility for any injuries or deaths resulting from the use/misuse of this device.

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Link to simplified schematic:

Links to items mentioned in the schematic:
*Low battery indicator 1S-8S

*18650 Holder

*18650 one cell charger

*Samsung 18650 battery

*Battery charging board

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**WARNING: This is a very dangerous/DEADLY device. This device is meant for educational purposes only. Making this device, or misusing this device can result in bodily injury or death. Make and use at your own risk. I do not recommend anyone making this device. You assume full responsibility.**

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